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Rákosy-Glass Kft.

Address: 1103 Budapest, Noszlopy u. 3-5.
Telephone number: +36 1 261 0445
E-mail address:
Company registration number: 01-09-879732
Tax ID number: 13916613-2-42
Community tax number: HU13916613
Bank account number: OTP11714006-20436319-00000000

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Contact information
Mr Ferenc Rákosy
Ms Eszter Rákosy
Erzsó Gollovitzer (Mrs Imre Gollovitzer)
Engineering office
Mr Tamás Gál
Mr Nándor Gyenei

Executive Technical Director
+3670 377 8312

Mr Ádám Donkó

Project Manager, Cert. Architectural Engineer
+3670 377 8204

Mr Ferenc Kiss

Project manager, Civil Engineer
+3670 377 8218

Mr Zoltán Mosonyi

Project Manager, On-site engineer
+3670 377 8276

Mr Imre Horváth-Varga

Project Manager, On-site Engineer
+3670 377 8253

Ms Judit Komáromi
Ms Anikó Kozma

Project Assistant, Product Designer
+3670 377 8227

Ms Zsuzsanna Karabentsov

Client Point of Contact
+3670 377 8330

Account management
Ms Barbara Izik
Ms Ivett Kurucsai
Ms Éva Petruska
Ms Hajnalka Kovács

Client Point of Contact
+3670 377 8217

Ms Eleonóra Solymár

Client Point of Contact
+3670 866 7011

Ms Anita Bogyó
Anikó Hell (Mrs László Hell)

Client Point of Contact
+3670 377 8309

Mr Tibor Gábriel
Ms Réka Sándor

Manager of Fittings Warehouse
+3670 382 5287

Our products and services

The array of our products and services is extremely broad. We are unbeatable in glass processing: cutting, chamfering, drilling, CNC machining, heat treatments, curving, painting, printing, surface treatments – we perform these work processes with the most modern equipment, with the aid of our most highly trained colleagues. At the same time, we perform engineering design tass and also accept installation projects.