Glass decorated with metallic materials


The spectacle of glass that has been decorated with metallic steam has a peculiar impact, as we use a special, coated glass for this purpose, from which we remove the coating with a hand sandblaster. This way, two distinct surfaces are created on one piece of glass. Each individual layer is homogenous.

The decorative technology for various metallic materials differs; a career medium is applied to the back of the glass, onto which we administer the various metal (gold, silver, bronze, etc.) foils or dust. We cover this with a protective layer that is even suitable for direct use. Glass made with this process visually differs from glass that is made with the metal steaming technology, because the various surfaces are not going to become homogenous, thus resulting in an aged, antique appearance for the decorative element.

Both technologies require precise, delicate processing by hand, thanks to which complicated and unique patterns can be developed. We use these technologies to create glass of one or multiple layers, with potential multiple uses. The use of single layered glass is mainly recommended for interior spaces.

Size limitations

  • minimal size: 200 x 300 mm
  • maximum panel sizes are not defined for this process
Our products and services

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