Helio Heating glass


Human thermoreception is greatly dependent on not just the temperature of the air, but also the temperature of surrounding surfaces and objects. A surface created from the Helio Heating heated glass of Rákosy-Glass Kft. gives off a significant proportion of the energy it communicates to its environment in the form of radiant heat. The ambient temperature of the interior spaces of a building can be reduced by up to 3-4 °C, thus a temperature of 18-19°C ensures the same thermoreception as 22-24°C obtained with traditional heating. Consequently, energy consumption for heating is reduced significantly.

In order to transform a house or apartment into a comfortable and pleasant home, one of the fundamental factors is the selection of the appropriate heating system. Helio Heating heated glass offers an effective and safe solution. It may appear as window glass or radiator alike, from the fully transparent all the way to uniquely patterned varieties, entirely depending on the individual taste and imagination of the property owners.

In all cases, the structure is comprised of multiple – at least 2 – layers of tempered or heat-strengthened safety glass. The heated layer is an invisible, nanotechnology applied metal conductor (coating), which generates heat due to resistance to electric current. In all cases, this coating is positioned inside the laminated glass layer that is closest to the interior.

Prizes | TOP10 Most Interesting Hungarian Innovation 2018-2019 | Construma award 2013

Size limitations

  • Minimal size: 500 x 500 mm
  • Maximum size: 2400 x 4700 mm

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