Luminari design glass


LUMINARI Glass is the family of glass products that was created jointly by S'39 Hybrid Design Manufacture and Rákosy-Glass Kft. It is noteworthy among traditional coverings and separator systems for its innovative use of materials and special visual appearance. It is characterized by the confluence of surprising materials and colors, style that is fresh and diverse, established over the course of decades of professional experience, employing modern technologies. Its range of uses is extremely diverse – from a wall covering role through use as a door or separator, all the way to performing a furniture function. According to needs and function, each pattern can be augmented with a transparent or opaque background.

LUMINARI Glass is a two-layered, laminated, low iron content safety glass, the layers of which we decorate with screen printing, glass printing, and/or textile lamination. We gain the unique forms of LUMINARI as a result of combining the various glass processing technologies. The patterns and colors harbor countless variety within themselves, implicity ensuring an always unique appearance.

Prize | Hungarian Design Award | Product category | 2015

Size limitations

  • Minimal size: 200 x 300 mm
  • Maximum size: 2200 x 4000 mm

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Our products and services

The array of our products and services is extremely broad. We are unbeatable in glass processing: cutting, chamfering, drilling, CNC machining, heat treatments, curving, painting, printing, surface treatments – we perform these work processes with the most modern equipment, with the aid of our most highly trained colleagues. At the same time, we perform engineering design tass and also accept installation projects.