Painted, screen printed glass


With the painting and screen printing of the glass surface, we create a durable surface. There is also a chance for the combined utilization of as many as four differently colored paint layers, by which we can develop colorful and spectacular patterns. As the paint layer is fired into the glass with the aid of our tempering furnace the final surface become durable and resistant to damage. The screen printing technology aids the uniform and multiple application of painted patterns.

The procedure offers an opportunity to develop ever more diverse building facades; additionally, we can utilize it in numerous areas, in exterior and interior spaces alike.

Size limitations

  • minimal size: 200 x 300 mm
  • maximum size (screen printing): 1700 x 2500 mm or 1200 x 3300 mm
  • maximum size (painting): 2800 x 6000 mm

The color of the screen printed or painted glass can be chosen in accordance with the RAL color scale.

Our products and services

The array of our products and services is extremely broad. We are unbeatable in glass processing: cutting, chamfering, drilling, CNC machining, heat treatments, curving, painting, printing, surface treatments – we perform these work processes with the most modern equipment, with the aid of our most highly trained colleagues. At the same time, we perform engineering design tass and also accept installation projects.