Printed glass


There is an opportunity to place unique patterns or even high definition images on the surface of glass. Glass printing is a suitable method for this operation. By using this technology, we can optionally decorate glass with any color or pattern. It is mostly used in the case of kitchen rear walls, glass coverings, unique advertising surfaces, ad and signposts, as well as shower cabins, but only one’s imagination sets a limit. Ceramic paint upon the surface is fired into the glass after printing in our tempering furnace, thus creating a durable, resistant and UV resistant surface.


  • single layer application (no need to laminate)
  • can also be used outdoors, UV-resistant surface
  • it also withstands extra heavy usage

Size limitation

  • minimal size: 200 x 300 mm
  • maximum size: 2200 x 4000 mm

Maximum resolution is 1440 DPI.

Our products and services

The array of our products and services is extremely broad. We are unbeatable in glass processing: cutting, chamfering, drilling, CNC machining, heat treatments, curving, painting, printing, surface treatments – we perform these work processes with the most modern equipment, with the aid of our most highly trained colleagues. At the same time, we perform engineering design tass and also accept installation projects.