Unique doors and windows


Glass structures must meet several requirements over the course of their design process. Alongside thermal characteristics, a need that arises more and more often is aesthetics, as well as adaptation into the environment. Often, this requires unique solutions and a complex thought process.

The merging of exterior and interior spaces is a commonly favorite architectural concept.  The solution for the implementation of this concept is our proprietary designed, manufactured and developed, unique door or window, or sliding door system. Concealed mechanical systems, designed in the interior of the glass structures, as well as concealed air and water seals provide a uniform glass surface that can be slid aside at the push of a button. The width of the largest, 3.1 meter tall sliding door that we are capable of manufacturing, can be as wide as 5.5 meters. The weight of the sliding door is borne by the floor, where we place a special guiding rail. This rail can be produced on the same level or in an elevated position as compared to the floor covering. The space requirements of the developed automated systems is a function of the glass surfaces that slide over one another, but in general, they fit inside a 10-15 cm tall concealed box. Mechanisms for sliding doors from a combined width of 80 cms all the way to 8-12 meters can be automated. In the event that the need is for a pull to open versus a sliding panel, the manufacture of a burglary-proof door that is made with a concealed load-bearing hollow section frame, with a painted rim is also possible.

Size limitations

  • Maximum size, assuming tempered glass: 2850 x 6000 mm
  • Maximum size, assuming laminated glass: 2400 x 4700 mm
Our products and services

The array of our products and services is extremely broad. We are unbeatable in glass processing: cutting, chamfering, drilling, CNC machining, heat treatments, curving, painting, printing, surface treatments – we perform these work processes with the most modern equipment, with the aid of our most highly trained colleagues. At the same time, we perform engineering design tass and also accept installation projects.